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News and life in general happen fast, so please contact us to help share with everyone in the area.  The Community is encouraged to share information through the use of our website.  We may be contacted to update, add, or just change information to better serve our local businesses, organizations, and people.  If you have anything you would like to see you may contact us:

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​Weather Season
The local weather stations continue to monitor large weather events that can impact our area.  Please stay advised as weather changes.  The advisories are in effect to give heads up for all local emergency situations.


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The Reading Community WEEKLY testing of emergency readiness equipment has changed. 
As of JAN 2016 the siren tests will now be on MONDAYS at NOON.   We look to maintain

the safety of our community through constant upkeep of our resources.

Think about your mailbox or house and how well it is marked in case EMS or the Sheriff's Office need to respond in an emergency!


Head, Hands & Feet Salon

417 1st St

Open by appointment only

(620) 412-3222

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North Lyon County School Freedom Walk

November 7, 2019 in Reading

The RES group and a few others volunteered by helping put together the church's playground this weekend. They put the swing set back up, mulched, and put up the timbers. They donated several hours of their Saturday morning to do it and it looks awesome thank you all!

Due to the weather we cannot put anything in it that might spoil. These items are  at The Cafe.  If you are in need just stop by and ask what is available.   Thanks Reta Jackson              

Give what you can... take what you need... and be blessed. It is for anyone in need or anyone who would like to share. 

The Reading United Methodist Church has put up a blessing box on the south side of the church.

It was a great event!! Thanks to all the kids and everyone at school who contributed to making it happen and for battling the cold temperature. Also thanks to everyone who sent water and food items to share with the kids after the walk. The homemade cookies were a big hit and were the first to disappear. It was heartwarming to see some of the children carrying photos of their veteran grandparents and in some cases, great grandparents as we honored the service of all veterans.  Marion Jones

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