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2023 Reservation form
Reservation and fees due by Saturday, May 20th

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We are progressing into the year and the date for the Reading Alumni Banquet of 2023 is approaching. In order for the banquet to take place, we are in need of volunteers, and I will

not be able to be on the committee this year; but I am willing to give guidance as needed.

I am sending this to those of you who are on Reading FB.   Please forward to any alumni

that you are in contact with so they too will have the information.  We need someone to

handle the following:
   1) The invitations – Rita Jackson/Katheryn Sapp-McCorkole
   2) Programs – Rita Jackson
   3) Treasurer, to receive the reservations and make deposits and pay bills – Rita Jackson
   4) Tables, chairs, and set up in the gym
   5) Decorating the tables
   6) Reserving the gym and catering
   7) Cleanup after banquet and return tables and chairs
I have forms and notes that I will be glad to forward to anyone who will accept the responsibility.  I have the checkbook and treasury information and can forward by computer

to someone willing to take that on.   It should be someone local to the Reading community.  There are all sorts of decorations, and yearbooks in a closet near the west entrance. 
It’s not necessary to do a lot of decorating; whatever you choose to do is fine.  I have contact information for the use of the gym.  Without volunteers, we won’t be able to have the banquet.  Please contact me at your earliest convenience.  Sincerely, Carol Balding-Brock Alumni Banquet Chairperson of 2022.  FaceBook address:

Future Reading Alumni Banquet

Please update your mailing address and information by contacting Reta Jackson at The Miracle Cafe.  620-699-3009 or 103 Franklin, Reading, KS 66868.  


Next banquet will be on Saturday, June 3rd 2023.


We need your comments and support in this effort!  Please e-mail, for any issues or questions.

Reading Lion
"Gathering of the Pride"

Join the Reading Alumni

The last year for Reading High School  was 1980, however the High School Alumni would like to welcome our younger graduates (those that graduated from Junior High or Grade School) or anyone that attended Reading School to be a part of the Alumni.   


Please fill out the online Join the Reading Alumni form if you are interested and you will be added and informed of Alumni activities.

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