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Local Volunteer Fire Department


We are dedicated to making fire safety our number one goal.  We are devoted to obtaining knowledge and training to help protect our district in the event of tragedies or disasters.  We are built like the community, from many we become ONE.


Throughout the year you will see monthly training exercises.  These are scheduled to allow the continued experience and hands-onskills for our department to grow.  We will host a number of sessions this year that include many of the areas additional rural departments.  All of the training is to help better prepare our team to serve when folks are having a bad day.  We continue to expand our capabilities and absolutely are delighted to be able to offer additional skills to the community.


Please contact us prior to any pasture or field burns to insure we are aware of potential risks.  We may even have personnel that could be available to monitor that every burn is a success.


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Reading Benefit Fire Department


The Reading Fire Department has free smoke detectors and/or carbon monoxide detectors if any one needs them. Contact any Reading fireman or stop in at the station, when you see someone is there.

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Reading Students making an enjoyable Fire Prevention Day Visit a Fun Day:

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Training Day September 2018

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