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USD 243

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Lebo-Waverly USD 243

Lebo Elementary

4th & Ogden; Lebo, Kansas 66856
(620) 256-6161
Reading, KS
Reading, KS


Reading, KS


Reading, KS
Reading, KS

Jr/Sr High

Music Dept.

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Lebo Jr/Sr High

12 W 4th St; Lebo, Kansas 66856
 (620) 256-6341
Reading, KS

Jr/Sr Boosters

Friday, Dec 4
HS BB vs Flinthills @ Lebo 5:00 PM


Monday, Dec 7
Scholars Bowl @ Waverly 4:00 PM
Jr High BB vs Hartford @ Lebo 5:00 PM


Tuesday Dec 8
HS BB Herrington Tournament


Wednesday, Dec 9
FCCLA Meeting
HS BB Herrington Tournament


Thursday, Dec 10
HS BB Herrington Tournament


Friday, Dec 11
Class Meetings
HS BB Herrington Tournam

Monday, Dec 14
LHS SIT Meeting 3:15 PM 
Jr High BB @ SCC 5:00 PM


Tuesday, Dec 15
HS BB vs Waverly @ Waverly 4:45 PM


Wednesday, Dec 16
FFA Meeting
5th-12th Concert 7:00 PM


Thursday, Dec 17
HS BB vs Hartford @ Lebo 4:45 PM


Friday, Dec 18
Dismiss @ 1:00
End of the Semester

Christmas Break
Dec 21 to Jan 1


Winter Moratorium Non-Practice Dates - 
December 23-27

Friday, Jan. 1


Monday, Jan. 4
School Resumes
Jr High BB @ Burlingame 5pm


Tuesday, Jan. 5
HS BB vs Olpe @ Olpe 4:45pm


Thursday, Jan. 7
Jr High BB vs MDCV @ Lebo 5pm


Friday, Jan. 8
Class Meeting
Queen of Courts
HS BB vs MDCV @ Lebo 5pm


Saturday, Jan. 9
Jr High LCL BB Tourn
Queen of Courts Dance 7pm


Monday, Jan. 11
PD Dismiss @ 1:00
LHS SIT Meeting 1pm
PD Early Dismissal 1pm

Tuesday, jan. 12
HS BB vs SCC @ Lebo 4:45pm


Wednesday, Jan. 13
FCCLA Meeting


Thursday, jan. 14
Jr High BB LCL Tourn


Friday, jan. 15
HS BB vs Madison @ Lebo 5pm


Saturday, Jan. 16
Jr. High BB LCL Tourn


Monday, Jan. 18
In-Service in Burlington
Inservice/Work Day-No School


Tuesday, Jan. 19
HS BB vs Burlingame @ Burlingame 4:45pm


Wednesday, Jan. 20
FFA Meetings

Friday, Jan. 22
Class Meetings


Monday, Jan. 25
HS LCL Tournament


Tuesday, Jan. 26
HS LCL Tournament


Wednesday, Jan. 27
HS LCL Tournament
FBLA Meeting
Jr High Quiz Bowl @ Madison 1pm


Thursday, Jan. 28
HS LCL Tournament


Friday, Jan. 29
HS LCL Tournament


Saturday, Jan. 30
HS LCL Tournament

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